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EVENT:  Stroller Derby


DESCRIPTION:  Celebrate the marvel of the stroller by completing a walk or 5K run.  If you don't have a stroller-sized child and you can't quite cram your teenager in there, bring a stuffie instead.  You could even come without a stroller.  Look at us; problem solving.

DATE:  Saturday, August 6, 2022, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

WHERE: Community Park in Idaho Falls.

COURSE:  This is a flat course run on paved park trails and city sidewalks.

DIVISIONS:  Runners will be separated into male and female divisions by age (Under 20), (20-29), (30-39), (40-49), (50-59), and (60+).  Awards will be given to the top three finishers in each gender and age division.

COST:  Walk:  $20 (no finish time taken; the walk course is the path around the park and may be completed as many times as desired); 5K:  $25

CHARITABLE INFO:  The race will benefit Skyline Cross Country

CONTEST INFO:  Join us after the race, for a decorated-stroller contest.  Prizes will be given for the three best-decorated strollers in both the "umbrella stroller" and "jogging stroller" categories.  Please make sure your decorations are sturdy enough to last throughout the run.

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August 6, 2025
8:30 AM

Community Park

Idaho Falls

Some people don't like surprises.  They might even tell you they hate them.  This race isn't for those people.  This race is for the people who used to hide from their mother in the clothing racks at the mall.  It's for people who know how to make invisible ink with lemon juice and a hairdryer.  And it's definitely for people who, as kids, made up a secret language that only they and their best friend could speak.  That's who this race was designed for because those people understand that...

This file has been redacted for your own safety.


Course Map

Registration begins 2/1/22
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