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Do you live in Tiger Nation or Grizzly Territory?



Make the Emotion Stroll part of your Emotion Bowl festivities.


ESTIMATED DATE:  Saturday, October 7, 2023 (Date subject to change based on when the 2023 Emotion Bowl is held.)

WHERE:  The field behind Idaho Falls High School.

TIME:  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM



  • A flat course, on city sidewalks

  • Begins and ends at the Idaho Falls High School campus

  • Winds through the historic numbered streets


  • Male and female divisions by age

  • Ages divisions are Under 20; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; and 50+.



  • Begins May 1, 2023

  • Closes September 30, 2023

  • Cost is $18 + sales tax and a small registration fee.

  • Runners will not receive t-shirts as part of their registration fees.


  • A donation will be made to the Skyline band.

  • A donation will be made to the school that has the most fans registered for the race.


  • Prizes given to two runners for dressing with the most Idaho Falls or Skyline school spirit.   

  • A prize will be given to the runner wearing the oldest Idaho Falls or Skyline themed T-shirt (The year must be screenprinted on the shirt.)    

  • A Globe Trotter Award will be given to the runner that traveled the farthest to race with us.

The year was 1966.  Planning had started for a new high school on the west side of Idaho Falls.  It was decided that, until construction was completed, students of the new Skyline High School would attend school in the afternoons at Idaho Falls High School while Idaho Falls students attended in the mornings. 


A building was not the only thing these students would share.  Their football teams would share Tiger Stadium where they would meet for the first time as opponents. 


And so the oldest high school rivalry in

Idaho Falls was born. 

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