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EVENT:  Dash at Dusk

DESCRIPTION:  Complete a 5K race at dusk and experience Idaho Falls in a whole new light; a low one.  

DATE:  Saturday, August 6, 2022, 8:45 PM - 10:00 PM

WHERE:  Community Park in Idaho Falls.

COURSE:  This is a flat course run on paved park paths and city streets.  Since the course will be lit with the occasional blacklight, white, neon, or glow-in-the-dark clothing are strongly encouraged.  You are welcome to bring headlamps and other light accessories as long as they won't interfere with other runners' races.  

COST:  $25

CHARITABLE INFO:  The race will benefit Skyline Cross Country

COSTUME CONTEST:  For those runners who like to dress up, three prizes will be awarded to the best "nocturnal animal" costume.  We hope to see bats, opossums, and raccoons at the race, but not the real ones.  They carry rabies.


August 6, 2022
8:45 PM
Community Park

Who doesn't love a night run when the air is cool and the whole world is dark?  Really dark.  Scary dark.  When it gets this dark, it's hard to see what just scurried across the road in front of you.  You know what?  It's probably fine. 


It was probably just a really, really big squirrel.


Registratrion begins 4/1/22

5K course 

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