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Once An XC runner,
Always aN XC runner.


Running is about memories.

The C4 is returning in 2023.

Are you?

DATE:  Saturday, September 9, 2023



  • NEW  9:30 AM-  1-mile cub run (Children under 12)

  • 10:00 AM-  JV women's race

  • 10:30 AM-  JV men's race

  • 11:00 PM-  Varsity women's race

  • 11:30 AM-  Varsity men's race

  • 12:00 PM-  Mixed team race

  • Awards will be given after races while the next group is running (ie:  JV women will be awarded during the JV men's race.).

WHERE:  The Tiger-Grizz cross country course, Freeman Park, Idaho Falls


  • This hilly course is mostly run on grass with some pavement, gravel, and sand. 

  • Three hills are in the last half of the race so prepare for a fun challenge. 



  • Runners and races are separated into varsity (30+) and junior varsity (29-) male and female divisions. 

  • A team option is available for either five people of the same gender and age or a mix of genders and ages.



  • An "XC" pin will be given to the top 5 JV runners (male and female), the top 5 varsity runners (male and female), the winning JV and varsity team (male and female), and the winning mixed team.

  • An "Over-Under-25" pin will be given to any runner over the age of 25 who can complete the race in 24:59 or less.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the team with the best "uniform".



  • Begins April 1, 2023

  • Closes September 2, 2023 

  • Cost for the cub run is $5 per runner.

  • Cost is $18 for individuals or $90 for a 5-person team + sales tax and a small registration fee.  

  • Runners will not receive t-shirts as part of their registration fees.

CHARITABLE INFO:  This race will benefit Skyline Cross Country.



  • Prizes given to the team with the best costume.

  • Something as simple as matching tutus or t-shirts qualifies as a uniform.

  • Please make sure you can safely run in your costume.

  • A Globe Trotter Award will be given to the runner that traveled the farthest to race with us.




The best possible score in a cross-country race is 15.

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