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When was the last time you competed at Tiger-Grizz?  Well, that was too long ago.  It's time to dust off your spikes, form a team with your favorite mates, and relive your cross country glory days.  If you've never run an XC race, it's time to join the community.  Teams are encouraged to come up with a team name, a team uniform, and a team cheer.  We want to hear you at the starting line. 

DATE:  Saturday, September 10, 2023



  • NEW  8:30 AM-  1-mile cub run

  • 9:00 AM-  JV women's race

  • 9:40 AM-  JV men's race

  • 10:20 AM-  Varsity women's race

  • 11:00 AM-  Varsity men's race

  • 11:20 AM-  Mixed team race

  • Awards will be given after races while the next group is running (ie:  JV women will be awarded during the JV men's race.).

WHERE:  The Tiger-Grizz cross country course, Freeman Park, Idaho Falls


  • This hilly course is mostly run on grass with some pavement, gravel, and sand. 

  • Three hills are in the last half of the race so prepare for a fun challenge. 



  • Runners and races are separated into varsity (30+) and junior varsity (29-) male and female divisions. 

  • A team option is available for either five people of the same gender and age or a mix of genders and ages.

  • Awards will be given to the top 5 JV runners (male and female), the top 5 varsity runners (male and female), the winning JV and varsity team (male and female), and the winning mixed team.



  • Begins 2023

  • Closes 2023 

  • Cost is $25 for individuals or $125 for a 5-person team + sales tax and a small processing fee from the timing company.  

  • Runners will not receive t-shirts as part of their registration fees.

CHARITABLE INFO:  A donation will be made to the Eagle Rock XC team.

COSTUME CONTEST:  Prizes will be awarded to the team with the best "uniform".  Something as simple as matching tutus or t-shirts qualifies as a uniform.

c4 logo.png

It all started in 1837 at Shrewsbury School in England.  The student body, desiring to reenact their fathers' hunts, created a running sport called "Hares and Hounds". 


Two "hares" ran ahead leaving a paper trail to follow.  Other students assumed the role of hunters and hounds and tried to catch them. 


Much has changed in cross country but the thrill of the chase remains.  Of course now, while you're running up hills and jumping logs,...

Try not to bay at the runner in front of you.

5K map

The race is over but we want to see you next year.
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