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Does Idaho Falls really need another race?
Nope.  It needs a 
different race.

I'm a runner.  I have been for over two decades.  I blame 7th-grade track.  That's the moment when I realized I couldn't sprint but I could run forever.  High school cross country made things worse.  That's when I realized I could run forever and love it.  From there, it was an easy transition into completing a marathon and triathlons and starting a racing company to raise money for local cross country teams.


want to help fund cross country teams because cross country changed my life.  It taught me to set goals, work hard, and push limits.  However, I also want to create unique races for the running community (of which I am a member).  I believe I can use my experience as a runner and former theater teacher and director to do that.


iRun races will have everything that great races do like volunteers and finishers' medals,  but we've cut the words "swag" and "t-shirt" out of our vocabulary.  (Don't panic.  We'll feed you at the end.  We aren't barbarians.)  We're giving our runners less stuff to keep costs down and raise as much money as possible.    


Run with us, invest in a new generation of runners and make memories.  Because at the end of the day, runners need more fun, not more stuff.

That's my idea.  I hope you like it.  

- Jeta

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