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iRun is an East Idaho business that was founded in 2021 for the purpose of raising money for local cross-country teams.  We are staffed completely by volunteers and are funded only by donations.   


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Cross country is one of the few sports that doesn't cut athletes and allows everyone to compete.  Long-distance running teaches kids how to set goals, work hard, and push limits.


However, managing a cross-country team is expensive.  There are weekly race entry fees for each runner on the team (some local teams boast 60+ runners!), travel, equipment, and timing services.

Raising money for all of these expenses is hard and time-consuming.  We wanted to create a fund-raising option that didn't have athletes knocking on doors or getting a small percentage for their efforts.    


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iRun designs unique, "Optional Donation" races and asks our registered runners to donate what they feel comfortable giving.  We don't spend money on timing chips, t-shirts, and swag and instead give the money that would be used for those amenities to the teams we're racing for. 


We think most runners would rather have a fun race than swag bags, T-shirts, and fancy finish lines.  When you race with iRun, you are investing in a new generation of runners and making memories.  Because runners need more fun, not more stuff.  

That's my idea.  I hope you like it.  

- Jeta

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